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Meet the AMS Show Team – Stephen Osborn

Stephen Osborn Scotts Bluff Nebraska TriSonica Test Eclipse 2017

Stephen Osborn – Chief Technical Officer In previous installments, you read about how the TriSonica line of tiny three-dimensional anemometers was developed. Let me introduce you to Stephen Osborn, the guy whose vision made the TriSonica possible.

Meet the AMS Show Team – Liz

Elizabeth Hervey Osborn (Liz Osborn), CEO of Anemoment LLC

Liz Osborn – CEO Can we say we’ve met if you’ve been reading these posts?  Yes? Great! I’m Liz, chief executive officer of Anemoment, and it has been around my dining table that the ideas behind the TriSonica were developed. I believe in “Do…

Meet the AMS Show Team – Laura

 Laura Osborn – Executive Assistant You’ve seen Laura before… she was the middle-schooler assembling the MakerBot.  Laura now studies BioMedical Science at Colorado State University; but she has been an active participant in TriSonica development for many years, hashing out the scientific nuances of signal…