Homeward Bound…

Waiting for the Route 100 bus to take us back to the Austin Airport, then back to head quarters in Longmont. What am amazing time!

The highlight of the morning was all the folks bee lining for our booth before the show closed, telling us that a colleague or a professor or a table partner at last night’s banquet had been talking about this “really cool thing and said ‘you’ve got to see it!'” It happened over and over today, and made us grin every time.

And we would like to give a special shout out to our booth neighbor, Mark Dettmer, of Mission Critical Energy, who was super helpful in so many ways throughout the show. We enjoyed his companionship and his heartfelt advice!

“You have the coolest thing at the show!”

Faces tell the story….

AMS-Day 2

Fascinating conversations, brainstorming some additional applications for the TriSonica Mini… in museums, as reusable repositionable replacements for damaged or due-for-retrofit systems, in high school science kits, a citizen weather monitoring network, on Sailboats…. there are so many ways to use a TriSonica Mini!

We have given away a lot of Wow! Cards… it is still the exclamation most commonly used on meeting the Mini for the first time.

Hello AMS!

So we are here, and are so very excited.Base camp is all set up at Booth 102, and we are ready to tell you all about the TriSonica line of wind sensors and weather stations. The first PiHAT is here, too.

One of our core values is Honesty (I guess we would probably say “A Scout is Trustworthy…”), and for that reason we won’t be selling any product here at the show, as we do not yet have the requisite sales tax permit. But we are thrilled to meet you and to tell you all about our Systems. And as always, we invite you to visit our online Store! We hope to hear from you soon!

Meet the AMS Show Team – Stephen Osborn

Stephen Osborn Scotts Bluff Nebraska TriSonica Test Eclipse 2017

Stephen Osborn – Chief Technical Officer

In previous installments, you read about how the TriSonica line of tiny three-dimensional anemometers was developed. Let me introduce you to Stephen Osborn, the guy whose vision made the TriSonica possible. Read More

Meet the AMS Show Team – Liz

Elizabeth Hervey Osborn (Liz Osborn), CEO of Anemoment LLC

Liz Osborn – CEO

Can we say we’ve met if you’ve been reading these posts?  Yes? Great!

I’m Liz, chief executive officer of Anemoment, and it has been around my dining table that the ideas behind the TriSonica were developed.

I believe in “Do your Best!”

Read More

Meet the AMS Show Team – Laura

 Laura Osborn – Executive Assistant

You’ve seen Laura before… she was the middle-schooler assembling the MakerBot.  Laura now studies BioMedical Science at Colorado State University; but she has been an active participant in TriSonica development for many years, hashing out the scientific nuances of signal detection at the dining table alongside her brothers. Laura provides key support in marketing,  sales, assembly, and shipping – and she is our primary photographer!

Stop by Booth #102 and say hello!

We’ll see you at AMS !

Thankful Thursday – Syncroness and Syncwerx

Early Prototype TriSonica Wind Sensor UltrasonicThe SyncWerx incubator of Westminster-based Syncroness, Inc. fostered key product development and market identification for the TriSonica line of wind sensors.

Read More

Santa Knows!

Santa Claus knows Great Things come in Small Packages

Great things come in Small Packages!

Especially This Time of Year!

Limited Time Special Offer

on the TriSonica Mini – The World’s Smallest & Lightest 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer

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Thankful Thursday – Zrak Systems

A Family Affair

The basic principles behind the TriSonica wind sensor line were developed on the whiteboard in our dining room, the hub of family-owned Zrak Systems, where physics and calculus homework mingled with grocery lists, Dutch Blitz scores and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns in what was then a busy household of teenagers.  Read More